Make your life simpler with smart tips

To make your life easier we have got for you some amazing and convenient quirky life hacks that can be very useful for you so have a look:


  • Find your keys!

If you have forgotten your keys that which key belongs to which lock then you can put your nail paint to a more meaningful usage. Simply with a dash of color you mark the lock and with the similar color make the respective keys as well. This makes it a perfect way to find the appropriate lock with its similar key.

  • A cool pencil holder

You can use the spare cardboard box and make it a nice pencil holder. Simply stick the box with a cool wrapping paper and cut it from corner to give it a look that is nice and here you are with a pretty holder for your stuff.

  • A pom-pom doormat

You can make pom-pom balls with the help of the knitting yarn in an easy way. Simply find two corners which are quite at a distance and wrap the yarn around these corners and tie the yarn at equal distance. After tying the yarn, cut neatly by leaving some yarn around the tie. Now spread the yarn strands in a more even way and here you are with pom-pom in large numbers. You can create any kind of stuff that you want like a doormat or decorate it like a wall-piece.

  • Stylish mobile cover

You can create a cool mobile cover with the beads of your necklace that you no longer use. Simply prepare the surface with the help of the strong adhesive and stick the crystals and beads in a more regular pattern so that you get a great cover for your stylish mobile without wasting money.

  • A spacious cupboard

In your cupboard you can use magnets to stick the jars so that lots of space can be created in an easy way.