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Which type of wrinkle reducer is suitable for different skin type?

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Wrinkle is a very awful phase that usually women and men in polluted regions face. The actual reason behind the wrinkle formation at any early age is the environmental conditions. When atmosphere has extra amount of nitrogen, chemical fuel emissions and carbon traces, then skin becomes dull and it also absorbs carbon particles at a large amount because of which wrinkles form near eyes sides, near mouth fine lines and on forehead. However, in the market there are various products which exclaim to provide a valuable deal in cosmetic products known as wrinkle reducerwrinkle reducer

Well! Not every eye wrinkle treatment cream is genuinely effective because they are customized according to the early signs. The price range for eye wrinkle treatment creams is usually falls in between 500 to 1000INR. So, according to the cost, an extreme case for wrinkles may not get the desired results. If you wish to get effective results on the skin which is acutely affected by the wrinkles and appearance is deep, then you should go for the products which are above 1000 INR. Hence, the costlier wrinkle serum contains peptides, collagen gel and revitol enzymes. Vitamin E, vitamin B6 and many other natural ingredients are used for skin tightening.

Which cream is suitable for your skin type?

  • Oily skin- search for the serum and gel based anti- wrinkle lotions that are non-sticky and have aloe Vera extract.
  • Dry skin- jojoba oil, hibiscus plant extract or rosemary oil extract integrated creams are having a level of moisture. This oil based wrinkle prevention cream or serum is very beneficial for the dry skin.
  • Combination skin- vitamin E and collagen peptides integrated cream is suitable for this type of skin as it absorbs and leaves the skin smooth and light. You can also wear make-up after applying this cream.